Monday, December 05, 2005

Review of Praying for the Next Generation by Sally Michael

Praying for the Next Generation by Sally Michael

The night my first son was born I had one of the most intense times of prayer in my life. God does something in our hearts when we have children. I was done pretending that I could manage life on my own. Many times God has reminded me of my duty to intercede for my wife and children. But I have often struggled what to pray. As the father/pastor of my children how should I pray?

Sally Michael answers those questions from the scriptures. This booklet is designed for daily use. It is a guide for praying scriptures for your children. There are a few pages with general prayer ideas and a how-to section. But the most of the book is her twelve topics to pray over your children. Each topic includes several excellent Bible passages printed directly in the book. After each topic there is also a blank section for you to write additional verses to pray through. The design is to rotate topics weekly or monthly. Praying through one topic can easily lead to ten or twenty minutes of prayer time.

What I like most about Sally Michael is her perspective. The book came from raising her own two daughters. She is a person who knows God. Everything she writes is Bible-saturated and God-centered. These are not verses she cut and paste just to put out a booklet. Rather, they were discovered as she prayed for her own children.

This little booklet is just under forty-five pages long and is available for $4 from the Desiring God Website. It would serve well for any parent, grandparent, or prayer warrior. I am using it for my own kids and for the children & families at my church. Pastors could use this to pray for their membership as well.


justin said...

I found this little booklet helpful also! Keep up the good blogging.

Tony K. said...

Thanks. Your blog looks good as well. Praying for your kids is something that is often overlooked in parenting advice.