Monday, May 05, 2008

Where Can I Find Free Sunday School Lessons Online?

Free Sunday School Lesson Plans for Children's Sunday School Lessons at Church

The internet is a great place to find teaching resources for Sunday school. It takes a little looking and some discernment, but the material is out there. Over on my other blog, I've been building a resource list that points to free Sunday school materials and lesson plans online. I wanted to post a few of the highlights here.

  1. Wycliffe Bible Translator has made several series of bible lessons available on their website. These are top quality studies on prayer, missions and the Bible. They can be downloaded for free to use in your children's Sunday school class.
  2. Calvary Chapel offers kid's Sunday school lessons from the whole Bible on their website. From what I've seen these are well done and include many helpful activities. This is a great resource to find ideas if you need to supplement your Sunday school curriculum.
  3. My children's Ministry website is where I keep the whole list of free resources for children's Sunday school. I've listed eight different places to find free Sunday school lessons, but I would love to make the list longer. If you know of Bible story lessons online for free, leave me a comment below.
  4. You won't want to miss the lesson plans from Christian Answers. Net

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