Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Church Nursery Articles

On my other children's ministry website, I've been getting some great feedback on the posts I've written about the church nursery. It seems like there is a real need for encouraging articles on this topic. Here are some that I've written so far. Feel free to leave me a comment or email me if you find these helpful. TonyKummer@gmail.com

7 Reasons Why Your Church Nursery Service Is Vital To Your Church
: This is a post that I originally wrote for our church newsletter. I wanted to communicate to our nursery workers that their service was important.

God Is In The Church Nursery: This has been the most popular article I've ever written. It doesn't get the most traffic, but it constantly gets positive reader feedback. I'm even thinking of submitting it to one of the children's ministry magazines. I've posted a Word document you can download and print too.

Writing A Church Nursery Manuel In A Small Church: After looking into the process of writing a church nursery manual, I was concerned that most of the advice online would be impossible for small churches to carry out. So here are my thoughts about putting together a volunteer handbook for your church nursery.

Church Nursery Volunteer Guidelines: Here are some sample job descriptions I wrote for our church nursery volunteer training. They are not too complicated, but I was trying to make the expectations very clear.

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