Friday, August 31, 2007

Video - Reading The Bible With Understanding

Why can't I do this? Because I am too lazy to really saturate myself with God's Word. Watch this guy recite Hebrews 9-10 from memory giving it sense. It's like watching Paul (or Apollos) preach.

HT: barwal1 on Stumble


Alex S. Leung said...

Yeh, I saw this while back... from WorshipGod06.

Beats the heck out of listening to Max McLean's reading of Hebrews!

Karin said...

Really puts any Bible memory I have done to shame! Shows you what is possible. It gives Psalm 119:11 a whole new meaning.

Ellie said...

Astounding! Best 'sermon' I've ever heard. ...and straight out of the bible- EVERY WORD- fancy that.