Friday, August 10, 2007

Homeschool People - please lighten up

I recently posted on my Children's Ministry blog about our choice not to home school my son this year. I was amazed to hear how vocal some of the homeschooling people were about my "failure" to be a good dad. Is Christian Homeschooling the answer?

So, in honor of the all the "home schooling is always right" people out there. I offer this video response from Rhett and Link. (No home school hate mail please - this is called humor)


Scott said...

Home school Nazis?

Poor choice of words. :(

Study the history behind 'Nazis' before you go throwing it around casually as a label just because someone has a different opinion about education than you do. That's how the Nazi's were able to do so much in such a relatively small window of time in history -- labels.

You need to rethink and rephrase.

Consider yourself rebuked. Brother.

Tony Kummer said...

Thanks. That was a good point and I've changed the post. As you know, I am a spoiled American kid who has only seen war on TV. My joke was off color as usual.

Reid S. Monaghan said...

Tony, I discipled those guys when they were Seniors in high school (they were in public school). I don't know if I should repent or rejoice. Just kidding. Though some may not agree, I am proud of them. Funny stuff.