Thursday, August 30, 2007

Authentic Versus Religious

Here are some funny videos that caught my attention. What do you think?

HT: That Jeremy Guy

One brother doesn't like them and offers this Gospel Rant.


Scott said...

Video 1:

I love the dig on languages!

Interesting how 'Religious' sounds like RCC -- very revealing commentary about some of our theological circles.

Can we be authentic if we wear a suit and tie or is that reserved for t-shirts only?

Scott said...

Video 2:

'Authentic' misses the point about the helmet -- we do need to more in your face with the gospel.

'Religious' needs to be penalized for spearing -- the helmet is not a weapon, the sword of the spirit is.

Scott said...

Video 3:

It is awesome the preparation 'Religious' has. Too bad 'Authentic' needs to make fun of him. Too bad he is easy to make fun of.

'Authentic' should look for ways to make sure his invisible faith is, well, visible.

Scott said...

Video 4:

I associate bumper-sticker theology more with 'Authentic' so this was hard to follow.

Scott said...

Video 5:

The parody moves on shaky ground here by ridiculing the facets that 'Religious' brings out. 'Authentic' is less authentic in not real about the possibilities 'Religious' find real.

Scott said...

Video 6:

Both guys are wrong. Nobody can change themselves much less anybody else. Only God can do that.