Thursday, July 12, 2007

Video - It's Your Time For Firefox, plus 4 reasons

I've had Firefox since its beta version. Hands down this is the best browser in the history of the universe - ok, that was a little strong. Enjoy this video ... then download Firefox. (Look for a link in my sidebar.)

4 Reasons To Get Firefox

  1. Tab Browsing: Nothing multi tasks better than Firefox.
  2. Spell checking on blog comments.
  3. Cool factor: IE is for corporate clogs.
  4. Security: Studies show that 73% of Sith are intimidated by Firefox.


Todd said...

Great video, love the idea of you keeping on putting video into your blog. Good job.

I also couldn't help but notice it looked like you were running Firefox on a windows pc. Some of the items you were enjoying with Firefox really can also be found on the Mac as just part of how it works.

I use Firefox myself because it is a web browser that has a mac feel to me.

Tony Kummer said...

Thanks. It seems like videos are one thing people always find entertaining or helpful.

I feel the power of the Mac-side of the force. I have a relative with a giant Imac. If the costs were lower I would have one too.

Todd said...

why not get a mac mini? I am sure you have to have keyboards laying around, monitor, and mouse.