Saturday, July 07, 2007

Top 10 Myths About Martin Luther

Here is an interesting list from Alpha and Omega Ministries about Martin Luther. I'll just post the headlines here. Go to their website for the full explainations.

Ten Martin Luther Myths
I regularly get e-mail from people I don't know asking questions about Martin Luther. I've even had people contact me in the hopes I will help write their research papers for school (I will not!). Recently, I was sent a few Luther questions, and I was amazed certain myths still circulate. Despite the explosion of cyber-information, here are ten that somehow still survive.

1. Luther Threw an Inkwell at Satan

2. Luther's Evangelical Breakthrough Occurred in the Bathroom

3. Luther Repented and Re-entered the Church on his Deathbed

4. Luther's Hymns Were Originally Tavern Songs

5. Luther Spoke in Tongues

6. Luther Added The Word Alone To Romans 3:28

7. Luther Was an Antinomian and Hated the Law of God

8. Luther Acted Like a Protestant Pope

9. Luther Was a Drunk

10. Luther Said Imputed Righteousness is Like Snow Covered Dung

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