Saturday, July 07, 2007

My 2 Lego Battle Videos

Here are two Lego video sideshows I made with my son. Enjoy.

Lego's have been my favorite toy since elementary school. I particularly like Castle Lego as you can see in the movies. We do use a few mega-blocks, but only in moderation.

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Mike said...

Dude...these are awesome.

I also love legos growing up. Still have a big bin of the old space series.

Now I have spent quite a bit of adult income on them...primarily star wars. My daughter and I put them together and have adventures.

Can't wait until my son gets old enough to play with them. I have a feeling that the lego guys won't spend nearly as much time talking things out as they do when my daughter has them.

These videos are great. Thanks for posting them on the innerwebs!