Monday, July 02, 2007

How Can Abortion Supporters Preach "Peace and Justice?"

Read Russell Moore's editorial from Touchstone Magazine.

Alma’s Mater The Violent Hypocrisy of Some Peace & Justice Christians

“Peace and justice” Christians are insistent in telling us they do not wish to move away from the protection of unborn life when they point to other social issues. They simply seek to “expand” Christian social witness from the “Religious Right’s” narrow focus on abortion and marriage to the full range of life issues. ... Last summer, the Reverend Donna Schaper, pastor of Judson Memorial Baptist Church, an American Baptist congregation in New York City, wrote in Tikkun magazine about aborting her daughter, a daughter she named “Alma.” ... Whatever the inclusion of Ms. Schaper by the “God’s Politics” weblog tells us about the “peace and justice” movement, her writing does tell us that it is much easier to be politically selective about peace and justice, and serve a political movement on its terms, when one doesn’t mention Jesus.

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