Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Helping Families Find the True Center

Visit this website about Christian parenting and family ministry. The regularly provide new podcasts.

Nuclearity – Helping Families Find the True Center

Nuclearity is a radio program operating out of these assumptions:

  • When couples are inspired to love each other and love their children, God is glorified. We aim to be a source of that inspiration.
  • The world doesn’t need another radio program offering to solve problems “in three easy steps”; the world always needs more stories.
  • We appreciate both public radio and Christian radio, but will probably be heard on neither. Our programming may be too honest about Jesus for the one and too honest about life for the other.
  • Language, voices and music are important parts of God’s good creation. With his help, we aim to combine these into a lovely roller coaster of audio.
  • Truth and beauty long to embrace each other. We find it natural to approach topics with both reason and imagination.

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