Monday, July 02, 2007

Free MP3 Audio Book

This month you can enjoy the classic by E. M. Bounds, Power Through Prayer. Also we are excited to announce that you can now purchase gift certificates at

Free Audiobook of the Month In a penetrating and forthright style, Edward M. Bounds offers stimulating advice to Christian servants. "The preaching that kills may have insight and grasp of principles, may be scholarly and critical in taste, may have every minutia of the derivation and grammar of the letter, may be able to trim the letter into its perfect pattern, and illume it as Plato and Cicero may be illumined, may study it as a lawyer studies his text-books to form his brief or to defend his case, and yet be like a frost, a killing frost. . . .Preaching which kills is prayerless preaching. Without prayer the preacher creates death, and not life." This audio book nourishes the heart and mind with Bounds' message about the role of prayer in the life of the Christian servant.

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