Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do You Blog For $$$

Is anyone making money on their blogs?

I have been playing around with Google Adsense to cover some hosting costs associated with my 'real' websites. But the total intake has been very small. For example this site had over 2K page views and less than ten ad clicks - the payoff? It was well under a dollar.

Why so small? I've read some on this and here is what I have concluded:

  1. Most people reading my site are bloggers too. They have been conditioned by many hours no the internet to screen out Google Ads.
  2. My topics are low paying for Adsense. Google Adwords clients are not paying high prices to attract reformed evangelical readers. So, you - the readers - who are attracted to this weird Tony Kummer website are not a lucrative market.
I wrote all that to annoPublish Postunce that I'm taking down my Ads by Google on this site. If I come up with a better scheme to pay for my web hosting - I'll let you know.


Scott said...

Actually, I'm glad to see you removed the ads. Most of them were counter to your beliefs anyway. Carry on in what you've been taught (to paraphrase Paul's instruction to Timothy).

Matt Keegan said...

PayPerPost is an option as is ReviewMe. However, since your blog covers theological topics, you can't expect many advertisers to be interested.

Keep upholding the truth and God will make a way for you.