Friday, July 06, 2007

Controversial Baptism Video

Watch this weird youth ministry video. It is an orientation for students who will baptized at an upcoming pool party.

One blogger had this to say:

The Orchard Blog, of The Orchard Church Community, posted an ‘instructional’ video for their upcoming BBQ & Baptism. They say "If you are planning to be baptized this next month, we hope this helps put you at ease." Slice of Laodicea awarded this post a Hall of Shame Award for its blasphemous flippancy and rather gross handling of so precious a rite as baptism.

Nearly 20 comments were posted on the original video's comment thread, almost all of them (I'd say all of them but can't go back to check) were calling for the video to be taken down, the pastors to repent of this misbehavior, and generally voicing their saddened outrage at such un-holy antics in the name of Christ.

They have turned the comments off. It is a shame they didn't turn the whole post off.

This video is a perfect example of a modern church that, in an effort to seem relevant and reach modern culture, parades around with inappropriate humor and ridiculous antics to entertain. The purpose of Baptism is barely discernible through the effort to be in touch with their audience.

Christ's followers are supposed to be peculiar. If it looks like the world, there's a pretty good chance that it might be of the world. I pray not, but what fruit is visible doesn't look very peculiar to me.

What do you think?

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