Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Answers In Genesis MP3 from the National Educators Association

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The Answers In Genesis people set up a booth at the National Educators Association. They are posting several audio clips from their conversations. It seems like a bold and thoughtful way to start conversations with educators about evolution in the public schools. Answers In Genesis is a leading proponent of creation science. You can read more on their website. They write:

Join us in thanking the Lord for a tremendous day of sharing the truths of God's Word. There were so many good conversations where we presented either the truth of God in creation or the full gospel message. I'm so excited for these opportunities and rest in the fact that God's Word will not return to Him void, it will accomplish what He set it out to do. The new surveys we are doing this year seem to really help folks stay longer at the booth and allow us to get into a nice dialog with them. I count it a success every time I share the gospel, regardless of the reaction of the listener. To me, God's job is to do the convicting and conversion, mine is simply to present.

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