Saturday, July 07, 2007

3 Ways Churches Can Fight Violence Against Women

Dr. Russell Moore has just posted two articles (here and here)that address biblical male headship and violence against women. Here are three action steps he recommended for churches.

Right now, while you're reading this, there is a woman, probably in your neighborhood, who was beaten last night by her husband or, even more likely, live-in boyfriend. And this is an abomination in the sight of a holy God.

1. One crucial step in addressing violence against women would be for pastors to address the issue specifically from the pulpit, identifying abuse of whatever form as satanic and calling with the authority of Christ himself abusive men to repent.

2. Restore meaningful church discipline in our churches, including the excommunication of abusive husbands.

3. Spending some time with that little boy dropped off at Vacation Bible School, and other like him. We need to tell him Jesus loves him. We need to press the claims of the Gospel on his life.

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