Thursday, July 05, 2007

10 Ways To Grow Your Church Without God

From The Monday Morning Insight blog ...

For the record, here are the ten ways to grow your church WITHOUT God: Ten Ways to Grow Your Church Without God…

Here's an interesting article by Ray Baumann. It seems that God has now gone on record as hating logos, web design, Starbucks, leadership, phone books, theatres, media, school programs, technology, video, dramas, egg hunts, and networking...

1. “Leadership is key.”

2. You want to create an oasis at church; let’s take a few ideas from Starbucks.

3. Next, your church has to offer something others don’t.

4. Spend money on logo and website design.

5. Advertise

6. Be creative with your presentations. Be sure to utilize all of the latest technology for your cool short video illustrations. To get the full effect, you must have video projectors and plasma TVs. Lighting is also essential to set the mood during services.

7. Don’t let anyone come to church and leave without getting their information.

8. Always be planning for your next event, whether it is an Easter egg hunt or Christmas drama. Every two months something big must be occurring to create excitement.

9. Have sermons focused around life issues such as parenting, managing money, eating right, getting along with others and making the best of your life.

10. Network.

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