Thursday, May 24, 2007

Presenting The Gospel In 180 Seconds?

Marc Backes has and excellent rant this morning about some Baptist Press articles he was reading. Here is a tip for Marc - Baptist Press articles will raise you blood pressure and shorten your life span. Mark wrote:

Now tell me exactly how you share the Gospel in 3 minutes? My Bible has over 2,000 pages in it and I want to know how you share all that God has to say about who Jesus is in 3 minutes? That's amazing to me . . . If someone who reads this blog actually goes to that training, I would love an email to know how you are trained to "declare the WHOLE counsel of God" in 180 seconds.
I can't get a Big Mac in 3 minutes. So how can I grasp the essential elements of the Gospel in 180 seconds? Marc is right - this is another reason why we have so many false converts.

Here is a better summary of the Gospel by D.A. Carson. One warning - it is longer than 180 seconds. Carson: What Is the Gospel? via Between Two Worlds.

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