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5 Ways To Stand Against Child Abuse

Sunday, April 29, 2007 was designated as National Blue Sunday. This was a day set aside for churches to pray for the victims of child abuse. As believers it should break our hearts when children suffer. We must recognize that God values children. The Bible says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.” (Psalm 127:3) We must affirm that little ones are God’s gift to us. Christians should be the first ones to stand against child abuse.

The love of Christ compels us to think biblically about child abuse and neglect. Our world is broken. Humanity has rejected God’s rule. Many people live only to please themselves. In such a world of sin children often become the victims. The same evil that causes child abuse lives within our hearts. Without God’s grace we might be the abusers. The only cure for the sin and evil of this world is the Gospel. Jesus alone has the power to change hearts. At his final appearing Christ will restore all things. The world will be made right and children will no longer suffer at the hands of their own parents.

As Christians we should feel great sadness about child abuse. But we should also look for ways to help. How then can you respond to child abuse? Here are some ideas:
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5 Ways To Stand Against Child Abuse

  1. Educate yourself. Find information to equip yourself to recognize and prevent child abuse.
  2. Be aware of at-risk kids. Become involved in the lives of children. If something seems wrong – question the parent and make a report to our local Child Protective Service.
  3. Become foster or adoptive parents. There is a great need for families willing to open their homes to kids in crisis. Several families in our church have experience in this type of ministry. They would be glad to share how you can get started.
  4. Train your own children. We must model and teach our children what it means to be a godly parent. Teach your boys to cherish and protect women. Encourage your girls to develop their God-given maternal nature.
  5. Pray. I place this last because its importance cannot be overstated. There are times when a child’s only defender is God. Remember to prayer for the little ones. You can pray for children that you know. Pray for the children that live on your street. When you see a parent being harsh in the grocery store – ask God to convert that parent. “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
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One Salient Oversight said...

Some important knowledge:

* Child abusers may be homosexuals, but most homosexuals are not child abusers.
* Most child abuse occurs within the confines of a family or a community. Many child abusers are married men.
* Most victims of child abuse know their abusers.
* Enforced singleness (either through a religious vow or personal decision or circumstances) is not a factor in creating an abuser.
* Virtually all child abusers have been abused when they were children.
* Child abusers will often pick certain vocations where they have access to children regularly. A child abuser is more likely to become a teacher or priest or bus driver or to volunteer in child-based ministry activities.
* It is virtually impossible to find child porn images on the internet these days. The only way pedophiles can get these images is for them to be emailed to them, which means that they have contacted and formed close online relationships with other pedophiles.