Monday, April 09, 2007

But you said that God can do anything.

Pastor's kids have the best and worst questions. Three weeks back I was teaching that God could not fit inside Solomon's Temple. God is way too big. We build our teaching around these big God statements. HT: Sally Michael

  • God can do anything.
  • Nothing is too hard for God.
  • God always keeps his promises.
  • God's word proves true.
  • God never lies.
  • God is bigger than anything.
  • God is everywhere.
  • God knows everything.
  • God sees everything.
  • God hears everything.
  • God is better than anything.
  • No one is happier than God.
  • Jesus is the greatest treasure.
So when my statement seemed to limit God - one of our PKs called me out. "But you said that God can do anything?" Here are three ways to answer this question. If you have a fourth I'd love to hear it too. Just post it to the comments.
  1. God can do anything except not be God.
  2. God can do all his holy will.
  3. I should have said, "The temple could not hold God - it was too small." The active verb is very important. My wording seemed to limit God. It would have been better to limit the Temple.

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