Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Spotting - children's ministry and parenting

One thing I'd like to do with this site is point people to children's ministry blogs that I find useful. Not all of these are strong in every area. Some have great practical advice for leadership and administration of children's ministry. Some give help for creative Bible teaching to children. Some focus on more on leading children to Christ and evangelism. For example, you wouldn't read my blog for expert ideas about doing crafts. Why? Any crafts we do are given to more capable leader volunteers. That being said, here are my new favorite parenting and children's ministry blogs.

Sinners Raising Saint is my favorite new parenting blog. The couple who runs it are humble, intelligent and God-centered.

The Children's Hour offers comments and recommendations for books for reading to children, particularly books on the bible, history and good fiction by Ray Van Neste. He is seminary professor and pastor. Most importantly he reads heroic books to his boys.

For the Generation to Come, devoted to equipping and encouraging Christian parents in discipling their children. This site has more of a home school angle.

Ok . . . you talked me into it. I'm going to feature all these feeds on my aggregator.

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