Thursday, April 26, 2007

6 Reasons I'm Weird: Weird-O-Cron™

Stephen has nominated me for the Weird-O-Cron

6 Reasons I'm Weird

  1. Legos. I still own and play with Legos. But only Castle theme.
  2. Buttermilk. I went through a stage in college where I loved buttermilk. I'm talking a gallon a week.
  3. Strategy. As long as I can remember I've dreamed up outlandish plans. Like a business plan to conquer Cuba as a private sector real estate venture.
  4. Running. It's not weird that I run. It's weird how long I've been running without any real weight loss.
  5. LOTR. I like Lord of the Rings before the movie. Remember when it was about as cool as Star Trek?
  6. Married Up. God blessed me with an early marriage. 20 years old. I know it's not shocking but I win most ice breaker games.
I nominate: Timmy Brister's dog

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