Friday, October 20, 2006

Best Children's Worship I've Ever Heard

The Reformed Children's Pastor and wise parents are always looking for Children's Worship music that demonstrates both theological and musical excellence. I was thrilled this week when I found the Awesome God project from Sovereign Grace Music.

Their website has audio samples for every song. My CD arrived three days later. I hope to post more as we begin to use these songs at church.

Here is Dr. Bruce Ware (SBTS) raving about this CD:

SovereignGraceKids has produced an exceptionally rich and deeply edifying collection of children's music in its CD "Awesome God." The selections display a delightful variety of musical styles, all of which are very appealing and enjoyable. But despite this variety, there are two constants that run throughout all the songs: high quality and glorious, faithful biblical theology. The quality of musical composition, texts, voices, instrumentalists, soloists, group singing speak for themselves. Give this CD a 15 second test and you'll hear what is true throughout! It is an exceptionally well-done production, from beginning to end. But equally exceptional is the theology of these texts that have been written for our children to learn. I am thrilled to think of thousands of children hearing and singing and memorizing these song texts. They exalt God, they teach the gospel, they inspire faith, they humble human pride, and they bring great honor to Christ. Without a doubt, these are the kinds of songs our children – not to mention their parents! – can most benefit from. With all my heart, I commend "Awesome God" and its array of Bible-saturated beauty for the ears and hearts of Christian children.
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