Saturday, September 09, 2006

In Christ

Hello Friends,

I have a question for you. I have been thinking about Exodus 32 quite a bit lately as at church my pastor is preaching through Exodus.

Exodus 32 has some great teaching about the following

1) Creation of the Golden Calf
2) Aaron half confession of "So they gave it (gold) to me, and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf.”""
3) Moses asking "Who was on the Lord's Side?"
4) The Wrath of God being revealed against those who were not answering the call.
5) Aaron being Saved from the Wrath of God and being part of the remnant who was saved.

I have been thinking about this and relating it to being IN CHRIST. What a picture even in the midst of Aaron's sinfulness and failures, he is saved from the coming wrath! He doesn't follow the James 4 and Luke 18 method of true confession of sin, but God is truly working to save His people.

How has each of you focused on teaching to your children or other children in your church the true realities of sin and the importance of being "IN CHRIST" and being saved from the coming wrath, remembering that when we fail we need to teach to our children to turn to Christ "our righteousness", but also teach the correct method of repentence (James 4 and Luke 18, etc).

I'm struggling to keep a balance. I don't want lawlessness but I also want them to always see grace before their eyes in their walk despite their failures in repentence.

How do each of you keep this balance in your teaching? (whether children's ministry or your own children)

Will The Next Generation Treasure Christ? is a dialog on reforming children’s ministry and equipping parents - for the glory of Christ and the joy of our children.

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Tony K. said...

Good question – I think it begins with defining sin as rebellion against God. Sin is "our heart fighting against God." When I choose to sin I choose to be God's enemy.