Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to teach Church History for Senior Adults

How would a Reformed Children's Minister teach Church History to a Senior Adult Bible Study? Here is an excerpt from my introduction. We will be covering up to Luther over the next 15 weeks and then we'll spend about 20 weeks on Reformation through the present.

Three Goals Of This Study

  1. To deepen our love for Jesus Christ:
    • Christian history demonstrates the faithfulness of God both toward his church and through his church.
    • By studying the perspectives of believers in the past, we can gain fresh insights into God and the Bible.
    • In learning about former times we gain access to a treasure of devotional material and are able to appreciate its strengths and weaknesses.
  2. To foster love and toleration for other Christians:
    • Our spiritual bond with other believers is stronger than any divisions of culture, time or even death. As we look at the ancient Christians we must affirm, “These are my brothers and sisters in Christ.”
    • By appreciating their struggles (through love) we can better appreciate the struggles of Christians that we know.
    • To remove our fear and prejudice toward believers with whom we do not agree. This is greatly helped by understanding the beginnings of their beliefs and ours.
  3. To foster self-examination and a humble certainty in our beliefs.
    • To know why we believe we must examine how such beliefs have developed.
    • To be equipped to refute unbiblical ideas that Christians often assimilate from the culture.


Freddy T. Wyatt said...

Do you have a specific text or curriculum that you will be using?

Tony K. said...

No. We are writing our own lessons. I might post some if they turn out.