Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How to do Seminary well. Advice from one of our own.

Need a little pep talk for the mid-semester blues? Midterms - behind on reading - why do I want to read Greek anyway? In the battle of the books we often forget what an opportunity it is to be at Seminary. What kind of stewardship are we exercising toward this blessing? Here is a little article by Owen Strachan that deserves your attention. Owen is a M.Div student at SBTS and wrote this for the September 2006 9Marks Newsletter. He writes:

This column is written with the hope that current and future seminarians will approach the task of theological learning with a love for Christ, a humble heart, and an ear for the whispers of the past. We must be those who listen well, in order that we may be those who lead well.I want to encourage seminarians to approach their work with reverence, receptivity, realism, and responsibility.
I always like it when a young guy "gets" what Seminary is about. His conclusion:
We should thus take up our work with vested diligence and sober minds. Though the hours stretch on and the semesters go long, the student is not alone. For it is in the midst of study that the saints of the past approach our side and stand for a minute. There they lock eyes with us and with holy solemnity whisper to us, Be faithful. May we be those who make the most of the opportunity given us. May we listen well.
His own blog is fairly active with several good posts about gender roles. (Owen - you need to get linked from the MetaBlog.) I look forward to hearing more from him.

Here are his other three articles for 9Marks: