Monday, September 11, 2006

Fatality count. What does the Christian say?

Hearing death totals numbs my soul. Which is why so much reporting focuses on the “individuals” story. I dug up these statistics for my own curiosity. Every life is sacred. So all political angle that would say “its not as bad as ______” is perverted. Every loss of life is infinitely tragic. (Work that one out theologians.) But I wanted to see a comparison on some of these. Here is what I found – sources are credited.

Some of these numbers surprised me. What do you think? What numbers shocked you?

Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995): 168

Hurricane Katrina: 1,836 dead

Operation Iraqis Freedom (U.S.): 2,670

September 11th Terrorist Attacks: 2,973

Total Killed in Alcohol Related Crashes 2004 (U.S.): 16,694

Murders in the US 2005: 16,910
(The National Crime Victimization Survey)

Operation Iraqis Freedom (civilian): 41650 - 46318

U.S. soldiers killed in Vietnam: 58,226

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake/Tsunami: 229,866

US Civil War (Military and Civilian): 970,000

Total Abortions since 1973 (Roe v. Wade): 47,282,923 (YES, we are in millions now.)

Abortions in China 1999: 6,340,000 (a lot of guessing on this stat)

Total WWII (Axis, Allied, Civilian, Holocaust): 62,000,000

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Bhedr said...

Alarming statistics. Why is it in our human condition we are so dismissive of obvious statistics and findings?