Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2 Ways To Live: Coming to USA

Matthias Media USA has opened. They are the Australia publishers who produced "2 Ways To Live" and its adaptation for kids "Who Will Be King." These are my favorite Gospel tracts. We have been using "Who Will Be King" with the kids at our church for about 9 months and are very please. It is a well designed and theologically balanced booklet.

We've also used their "BIBLE OVERVIEW" curriculum with kids and adults. It offers a 3 week overview of the whole Bible based on Graham Goldsworthy's approach to Biblical Theology.

The Southern Seminary bookstore keeps both the above mentioned items in stock. But ordering in bulk for your church will now be much easier.

From their new website:

Matthias Media is a gospel-focused publishing ministry based in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is: “to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and the growth of his gospel throughout the world, by producing and delivering high-quality, Bible-based resources”. And we’ve just opened our new US office.
HT: Justin Taylor who has posted his praise for Matthias as well.

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Gordon said...

Gordon Cheng here, logging in from Matthias Media in Australia, where we have to push the wombats out of the way to get to the keyboard.

Thanks for mentioning our stuff, Tony, and we pray that God will use what we're producing to bless your ministry and that of many others in the States.