Saturday, August 19, 2006

Piper writes about David & Sally Michael

Bethlehem is preparing to honor their long time Pastor David Michael and his wife Sally Michael. They are the ones who have pioneered God-centered children's ministry at Bethlehem. Here is a quote. The whole Fresh Words article can be found here.

The key has been the intentional application of the Word of God in the power of the Spirit of God for the glory of God for children and parents. The word “intentional” is crucial. Raising children and teaching them at home and in the church should not just happen. It should be thought through. What is the goal? What are the means? What kind of training and equipping and leadership will it take? Everything was thought through from the Scriptures with God at the center.. . . If we want men who are mature, godly young men at age twenty-five and women who are mature, godly young women at age twenty-five, what are the decisions you make while that young man or woman is still in the womb? And at two years old? And ten years old? And fifteen years old? David and Sally are leading the way in answering these questions and shaping our cradle-to-the-grave vision for discipling at Bethlehem.
Will The Next Generation Treasure Christ? is a dialog on reforming children'’s ministry and equipping parents - for the glory of Christ and the joy of our children.