Saturday, July 22, 2006


Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Richard Baxter in THE REFORMED PASTOR (1656),abridged and translated by my Pastor John Swanson

"How can a church be successful at building spiritual life in the people if that work is done by pastors alone? How can a church flourish spiritually if parents (especially fathers) neglect their duty of training their own children, when this is the primary way they can help their pastor? If God uses the work of a pastor or other leader to begin to awaken a person spiritually, a family that doesn't care about spiritual life, never seeks God in prayer together and spends all its time together pursuing pleasure in this world will often smother God's Word and always hinder it. However, if you could get parents to do their duty, what an abundance of good might be done! I plead with pastor and church leaders, therefore, if you desire the spiritual growth of the people in your church, do all you can to motivate and equip parents to seek God as a family in Bible reading, instruction (in doctrine), worship and prayer"

--Posted by Shawn L


G. F. McDowell said...

NAH, we should outsource that to the lowest bidder.

Tony K. said...

Sadly, Baxter’s view is in the minority position today. In my experience many parents have never even considered having a family worship time at home. There is a trend toward “family ministry” or “family discipleship.” But for most pastors (and children’s ministers) family worship is not even on the radar.

Tony said...

As I read this after your next post you are dealing with some of the reasons there. One of the biggest is that the church seems to more promote the "Let us do that for you, and better" mentality rather than the "let us show/equipe you how to do that" mentality. People who are all too often eager to find the seemingly easy road go for the "let us do that for you" path. So this breeds the idea that why should I do it for myslef and family when the church can do it better.