Thursday, May 11, 2006

9 Reasons To Use A Catechism With Children

Here is a short article from Bethlehem’s Website, “CATECHISMS - Using a Sound Tradition to Build a Strong Faith” written by Kevin Feder (December 2005).

Here is a summary – follow the link for the full article.

1. Catechisms present the gospel message

2. The question-answer format of catechisms engage little children.

3. Catechisms foster a God-centered curiosity in children.

4. Catechisms serve as a basic outline of biblical truth.

5. Catechisms preserve and purify accurate knowledge of biblical truths.

6. Catechisms form a good foundation for deeper understanding later in life.

7. Catechisms teach children to pray biblically-grounded prayers.

8. Catechisms encourage independent Bible use in children.

9. Catechisms encourage the beginning stages of biblical interpretation.

He also reviews three books that include children’s catechisms.
Title: My First Book of Questions and Answers. Author: Corine Mackenzie
Title: A Catechism for Boys and Girls. Printer: Stanley L. Hunt Ltd. Rushden, Northants.
Title: Big Truths for Little Kids. Author: Susan and Richie Hunt

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