Monday, April 10, 2006

you can't keep a good heresy down

Brother Tony, did you see the news this morning?

8:30 AM Friday, it begins when I first get to church. After assuring my friend. I went about my routine.

Then a deacon.

Brother Tony, did you read the paper this morning.

This time I was ready to listen. It took me about an hour to get to the bottom of the issue.

It was Judas. In case you're in the dark. He's back. It seams you can’t keep a good traitor down - at least not in Madison. A quick education via and I spent the rest of the morning in church history mode. From Sunday school teachers to the church secretary – everyone was talking about Judas.

Even on Sunday, our pastoral staff fielded a dozen questions on the subject. Here are some of my observations. Your comments will be warmly received.

  1. Many of our faithful people were confused. Even seasoned believers. I was astonished at how easily they were shaken.

  2. The media is still supreme. In changing hearts and minds, the church is second tier at best – even with our own people. Our pastoral staff was blindsided.

  3. Our people do not trust the scriptures. Proverbs 30:5 says “Every word of God is flawless . . .” This is a fighter verse for our children’s ministry. I want our kids to stand ready when the world comes against them. I pray that God would raise a generation that does not waiver.

  4. Without the intentional and prevailing study of biblical doctrine the church will remain open to false teaching. If we don’t know the “infallible rule of all faith and practice” we will be deceived. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the sufficiency of the Scriptures against the challenges of false gospels – ancient and modern.

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G. F. McDowell said...

YIKES! I don't know anybody at church who so much as batted an eye.