Monday, January 30, 2006

Update: Baby Elijah is doing great – please pray for our church.

I have been off the blog for a few weeks now and wanted to update everyone on the baby. Elijah Franklin Kummer was born last Tuesday at 9:11 AM. He weighed 9 lbs and had a full head of hair. The name finalist was Elijah or Daniel. But when he started screaming in the delivery room I dubbed it preaching.

This week at church has been a blessing for me as well. After 5 months I got my first taste of adversity. It was comforting to trust that God would defend his word and his servants. I keep going from angry to sad to JOY. So it has been a blessing. Please pray that I will give a soft answer without compromising. I will blog more about these issues later. I have been reading your (Shawn, Bhedr, Cross-Eyed) blogs and they have been a help to me. But the Psalms have been the best.

For the Glory of God,

Your Servant in Christ,


Will The Next Generation Treasure Christ?


Shawn L said...

Wow that is awesome to hear about your new son...

Sleep well my friend and rest in God's Grace as you are doing in the Psalms. May God be with you and your church! Keep you eyes on Christ and remember the purpose of the church in Ephesians 3:10 to display God's manifold wisdom.

Allow the right to be wronged in your life and you will display His Glory. It hurts, but I know when I am trying to bring my children up in the Lord, I have been learning to accept this frustration my kids have for me and then even more fervently pray that God would be glorified in the gospel. Same in a body of Christ as well.

Right before Christ died he said "Father Glorify your Son". When we think of God's glory being displayed we should also be thinking of being mistreated and how God can work through that so much!!

I'm praying for you tonight.

Bhedr said...

9lbs? Wooo. Big Baby. Our 3rd was like that and now he is the little and most skinny one of all. Ha


Praise God.

Are you going to head my pastor off at the pass. He has 9.

Pray for me. I need to be softer and you are good example. I am glad God isn't finished yet.

DAO said...

thanks for your comment on my blog.
Congrats on the baby. I will surely pray for you in the situation you face. Are you the pastor?
Thanks for this blog. I am seeking more material to inspire our times with our 3 & 5 yr old girls. Any front-runner suggestions?

Tony K. said...

Thanks for all the encouragement the last few weeks. I should be back to full steam soon. God really took care of the conflict and taught me to trust Him. The baby blessing continues. I am back at Seminary on Mondays. Wisdom teeth and winter slowing me down as well.