Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For the Glory of God

I started a J-Term class at Southern Seminary on Monday. I’ve been at Southern in one-way or another since 1999. But yesterday something about the campus finally got my attention. There are small banners on many of the lamp posts near the campus center. They say:

For the Truth
For the Church
For the Glory of God

What struck was the phrase, “for the glory of God.” At my church, I labor every week for the kids in my church to catch a vision of God’s greatness and glory. But to see this phrase flying from a banner gives me hope. I’ve been thinking of the great momentum that comes when I strive to make God’s glory known. This whole world is bursting at the seams with the glory of God. The whole work of salvation demonstrates that God is dedicated to displaying his glory in the redemption of sinners - like us. To minister for the glory of God is to minister with gravity of God’s passions pulling in the same direction.


John said...

you can actually buy a banner like that in the Lifeway Book store now. Good luck with your J-term.

Jessica Jo L said...

God Bless you enjoy your new baby!! Such a blessing!! Shawn and I are considering adoption.

Shawn L said...

Amen God's Creation and Work is screaming God's glory

Bhedr said...

Wow! Sandy and I wish we could adopt a chinese baby girl that get thrown away in wharehouses.

I wish they could somehow give them to us, because we don't have 20,000 dollars to do it.

Ah well, I am just thankful for our three precious boys, but my heart aches thinking about those chinese girls.

They get thrown away and left in wharehouses until they die. Nobody in China wants a girl.