Thursday, December 29, 2005

Singing the Psalms & Catechism

Here are two great CDs for family and private worship by Jim Scott Orrick. Dr. Orrick is Professor of Literature and Culture at Boyce College of Southern Baptist Seminary. says, "Dr. Orrick's professional and academic careers have run in two confluent streams. For nearly 25 years he has been preaching and teaching the Bible, and he has served as pastor of churches in West Virginia, Illinois, and Missouri. At the same time his lifelong love for Literature and Language Arts has enriched his appreciation for God's Word and also enhanced his ability to interpret and communicate the Truth. He has taught in several colleges and universities."

Psalms for Worship Today, Psalm 27-34 verbatim.
Dr. Orrick writes, "It is my prayer that the LORD will once again hear millions of His people not just reading but singing His inspired Psalms in both public and private worship.” Samples available here. Also available is “plead” Psalm 35, 36 and 37 verbatim

Baptist Catechism Set to Music by Jim Scott Orrick CD | Founders Press$16.50 at - Two CD's, with all 114 questions of the Baptist Catechism (a Reformed and Baptistic question & answer teaching tool) put to music, by a gifted songwriter. An excellent way to plant Biblical doctrine in your young child's heart. Note: many of these music pieces are very brief - just long enough to serve as a memory aid to the questions and answers. See text of the Baptist Catechism at: (written in 1813 by the Charleston Association) Dr. Orrick writes, "For most people it is much easier to memorize a text if it is set to music. In composing the tunes for The Baptist Catechism I have endeavored to make each tune simple, suited to the text, and capable of being sung without musical accompaniment. I have also tried to compose music that children and young people will enjoy singing." Samples are available here.

These CD's are also for sale at the SBTS bookstore.

I memorized the Baptist Catechism by simply listening in the car. What a treasure! They have been a great help for me at Seminary, in parenting and in ministry. I just purchased the psalms 27 – 34 CD and have already been blessed by it.


Shawn L said...

Wow That is totally awesome. I'm totally pumped and never imagined something as this.....

Tony K. said...

Everyone who hears it has wanted a copy. I woke up singing the psalms several days this week - it was awesome.