Saturday, December 17, 2005

Should Unbelievers Have Children?

Last night Dr. Mohler appeared on CNN. The topic was “Childless By Choice.” It was an interesting discussion. (Transcript here via Steve Weaver)
It made me ask: Why should I care if unbelievers choose not to have kids? Should unbelievers have children? Here’s how I would answer.

  1. Children are a gift from God. Just as God blesses all people with rain and sunshine, he allows even the wicked to have children.

  2. Children are a means of common grace. The responsibility and the joys of parenthood change who us for the better. The drama of family life often cuts the bonds of selfishness and sloth. Human depravity is characterized by the corruption of our created nature. Parenthood can counteracts this.

  3. Children are assumed in the biblical description of marriage and family. This is illustrated in the accounts of barren women. Often these women say childlessness as a disgrace.

I’d like to hear some other perspectives as well.


Bhedr said...

They are arrows in the quiver. I ask my youngest who he is and he is always quick to reply, "Im your arrow dad."

My youngest is very responsive to the word, I just pray God will hammer out the pride in his heart. It is my prayer that all three of my boys be a Jim Elliot and not love their lives to the point of death; and when I grow old may I not try to cleave to them but shoot them long and far into the darkness that they may light the night with the glow and Glory of Christ.

Jessica Jo L said...

I am glad my unbelieving parents had me.
When I read this and Steve Weavers post I thought of Pharoh - the death of his son and the first born of eygpt God used this as a sign of his judgement.
When my sister-in-law had her second daughter she saw her depravity she saw her need for christ. She saw the blessing that God himself had given her but the awesomeness of this resposibilty. This lead her to the cross and to worship. Because she loved her children she could not raise them as she had lived.
So I guess I believe and agree with you God blesses he allows to have children and I can see why he says it is better to have a millstone around your neck then to lead a child astray.

Tony K. said...

Good point Jessica. My I'm glad my parents had me too.

-mike- said...

I think that this whole "deliberate childlessness" thing is way jacked-up. I think it may be time to tone it down a bit... for all our sakes.