Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Job versus My Ministry

I took my first full-time church staff position in September. Since 1999, I have been studying for the ministry – first at Boyce Bible College and then at the Southern Baptist Seminary. The training I’ve received has been invaluable. But I am still sorting out how to integrate the Job and the Ministry.

The Job – what the people expect. These reflect the reality that my church employs me. Most of these are things I would do at any job. From a leadership perspective these are little things that will earn influence with the people.

The Ministry – what God expects. I see my role at the church as pastoral in nature. These are the things I do to shepherd my own family.

The JOB ----------------- The Ministry
Put in office hours -------- Make home visits
Be visible -----------------Secret prayer
Run programs ------------ Build relationships
Dress nice ---------------- Clothed in humility
Think numbers ----------- Think Gospel
Befriend power-base ------ Befriend outsiders
Baby-sit ------------------ Spread a passion for the supremacy of God.

So here are some implications for my daily planner.
  • Focus on personal spiritual strength. Going hard after God in private worship.
  • Pray for the children and families.
  • Mentor and encourage parents.
  • Home visits with families, Richard Baxter style.
  • Seek out the lost.
  • Rely on God’s Word to change people- not my own skills.
  • Connecting: With God, With Parents, With Kids

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Shawn L said...

Awesome stuff to consider and keep praying for