Saturday, November 26, 2005

Review: Here I am to Worship for Kids (CD)

When I bought this CD I expected that it would help my kids to worship. What I didn’t expect was that it would provide a deep worship experience for me as well. I have been introducing these songs in our Children’s Church. They are age appropriate arrangements of many of the same modern worship songs our church loves. Another benefit was the reaction of my kids worship adult volunteers. With other music they had participated mainly to set a good example for the children. With these songs the grown-ups have a meaningful worship experience.

I would recommend this CD for family worship, children’s church or for the car. Songs include: Samples are available from the Amazon website.

  1. Open The Eyes

  2. He Reigns

  3. Here I Am To Worship

  4. Breathe

  5. Better Is One Day

  6. God Of Wonders

  7. You Are My King

  8. Above All

  9. He Is Exalted

  10. The Heart Of Worship


Shawn L said...

Great. I'll pass this onto my wife.

Shawn L said...


I listened to this at WALMART.COM I mean the shorten versions that they give you there. Wow is this good. My wife and I are totally interested in getting this for the kids for Christmas or something.

Tony K. said...

Using "grown-up" music with the kids is good. If they know our worship songs before we go to church then they can take part. Our church sends the kids to "Children's Church" after about 20 minutes.

Shawn L said...

WE do lots of grown up songs and primarily hymns in our family worship

Tony K. said...

We do a little of both. My sons favorite two songs are A Mighty Fortress is Our God (Luther) and Days of Elijah.

We have doing less CD and more just singing because the music gets them really hyper - not good before bed.

What are some favorites of your kids?

Shawn L said...

In this order

1) Amazing Grace
2) Lion of Judah
3) And Can it Be
4) Shout to the Lord
5) As A Deer
6) Daddy's Song (A song I wrote as a teenager that is for kids)
7) Piper's Song/Poem (All of the Elect in Christ Prevail)

Luckily our church puts out little family worship booklets (We have all 3 editions) so that it makes it easier and we all get out our family worship booklets and it has a mixture of the songs we sing, both the worship and hymns. We believe in doing both and thankfully when our church begins doing new songs we then get a new booklets written. Each booklet has about 20-40 songs in it.

It's a great tool for family worship and I hope more churches are doing it.