Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Some goals for Children's Ministry

What do we want to accomplish?

Children will develop authentic personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

Children will achieve certain measurable competencies as milestones in this ministry. (I.E.: specific scriptures memorized, ability to explain the gospel, know basic Bible doctrine)

Children will practice spiritual disciplines as a natural part of life.
(I.E.: prayer, Bible reading, giving, serving others, sharing the good news)

Children will develop a solid Christian view of life. (Worldview)

Children will enjoy our ministries and want to come back - because God is exciting!

Parents will fulfill their ministry to bring up their children in the Lord.

Parents who do not attend church will come to Calvary Baptist because of our children’s ministries.

Workers in this ministry will grow in their faith.

Workers in this ministry will not see their efforts as a sacrifice but as a blessing.

Workers will be attracted to serve in this ministry because of its strong vision.

The congregation will begin to share God’s value of children.

The congregation will intentionally pray for the children in our ministry.

The community will recognize Calvary Baptist as a church that values families.

Other congregations will recognize our children’s ministry as a model of excellence.

>These are some goals I presented to my new church during the interview process. Please feel free to comment. Suggestions will be warmly recieved.

Will The Next Generation Treasure Christ?


Russell said...

These are some great goals Tony. I pray that God will see them come to fruition. As for our church, here is what we have defined as the goal of our CM:

Our goal is to provide an environment that is safe and fun, while holding the supremacy and gospel of Jesus Christ as the primary emphasis of every children’s activity."

-from King of Grace Church's Children's Ministry Handbook

We included a phrase about safety. I wanted to emphasize the priority of caring for, and loving our children by doing everything we know to do to protect them from harm while engaging in church functions.

Tony K. said...

Thanks, we are working on upgrading our safty-security-hospitality. It deserves a spot on the goal listing.