Monday, August 15, 2005

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Here are books (and other resources) I recommend for God-centered parenting and children's ministry. I have included links to Amazon which provide full details and other reviews. These are typically items I own and use. They are linked to the Details page on

  • Children's Bible, English Standard Version: I call this the Desiring God Study Bible for Kids. All the articles about salvation, God's Character and more were written by Sally Michael and Jill Nelson - who write Sunday School Material for Children Desiring God. Read my review here.
  • The Big Picture Story Bible: This God-centered story Bible brings out the unifying themes of scripture. One might call it Biblical Theology for Kids. The author presents the stories as moving toward the goal of redemptive history: God's people in God's place under God's rule. The influence of the biblical-theological of Grahme Goldsworthy is noted. I am using with my son David who is four. We can cover several sections each evening, allowing time to discuss the themes in each story. I have also read it two special education boys (3rd and 4th grades) who I work with. They can read along with only minimal help with words like sacrifice, Nicodemus and steadfast. Reading with the boys it took about ninety minutes to read straight through. This book is heavily illustrated and is primarily a retelling of the stories. It should not be confused with a Children's Bible. However, it is idea for a beginner's story Bible. The author has provided an essential overview of biblical history in story Bible format. This could be used as a primer and review during story time. Then after reading a story read a corresponding chapter during family devotions. It would also be useful for older children and adults who need to see the Big Picture of the Bible. Here is a second opinion from Justin Taylor and a third from Amy's Humble Musings.
  • The Gospel for Children Author: John B. Leuzarder; This books simply and clearly presents the essentials of the Christian faith. It has six chapters: God, The Bible, Sin, Jesus, Repentance and Faith, Counting the Costs. Each chapter is in outline format with between four and nine main points. Under these main point are concise sentances that further develop the point. Each of these are linked to a Bible verse at the end of the chapter. This little book is Bible-saturated. The quaility of the content is on par with a confession or catechism. I would recommend this book for any parent who wants to faithfully share Christ with their children. This book is published by Shepherd Press and is endorsed by Ted Tripp.

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