Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our family Devotions

Our family has been blessed by observing Family Worship. We began in earnest about two years ago when my son was two. At that time we also had about four to six foster children in our home as well. So our age ranges where diverse. I was not sure where to begin. So we prayed. Then we sang. We read the Bible and questioned the children. Soon we memorized the Ten Commandments and several other verses. Our worship times began to be the highlight of the kid’s day – and of mine.

The whole atmosphere of our family life changed. Discussing God was no longer an intrusion; it was as natural as talking about the weather. Our life situation has changed greatly in the past two years. We have moved. Have another baby of our own. We are unable to foster for now. But our family devotions are still essential. We dance and sing. Pray. Learn a catechism. Read and memorize scripture. It is the most natural worship experience I have ever known. We keep it simple, biblical and God-centered.

We define worship for the kids like this.
1. Hearing from God – Bible
2. Talking with God – prayer and songs
3. Obeying God – Living by faith and making Jesus our treasure.

God has been teaching me also. I now see the pastoral dimension of being a father. It brings me great joy to pray for our little flock. As I move toward vocational ministry I see myself first as pastor of my family. Serving in Christ’s Church is an expansion of that ministry.

Fathers, make this a priority. Don’t think of excuses! God has called you to the ministry of fatherhood. It is a high calling. He has given these children to your care.Mothers, teach your little ones to treasure Christ. Pray for the fathers and make Christ the king of your home.

For direction on family worship try Shawn Lynes blog and "The Heart of Family Reformation" by Jim Eliff. And no post would be complete without a link to Bethlehem Baptist Church see the article by Sally Michael Key Bible Themes to Teach Children.


Shawn L said...

Thank you Tony. Your site is an awesome resource for me. I just found it today.

May God bless you

Tony K. said...

God really opened my eyes to a God-centered vision of parenting and by extension children's ministry. Thanks for the encouragement. I pray that God's glory will shine brightly in your family life.