Friday, August 12, 2005

Online Resources For Building a God-Centered Children’s Ministry


Online Books:
  • "Come, My Children" A Book for Parents and Teachers on the Christian Training of Children by Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892). This looks promising. I am just beginning it. Any comments are welcome.
  • FAMILY section at the website Grace Gems offers several full length books by authors such as J.C. Ryle. Very large collection of articles for parents.

  • Articles:

    • Are Children Safe? The Issues Surrounding a Child's Profession of Faith by Bill Shannon. This is the 2003 Shepherd's Conference, A Ministry of Grace Community Church. Bill Shannon is the pastor responsible for Children's Ministries at Grace Community Church, where John MacArthur preaches.
    • Suffer the Little Children by Bill Shannon. This is from the 2003 Shepherd's Conference. He describes the Children's Ministry at Grace Community Church. Included are sections on what to teach, who should teach and the atmosphere for teaching.
    • Children's Ministries Worker Manual This is a 41 page PDF document from Bethlehem Baptist Church. It contains six sections covering every aspect of their ministry. This is a great introduction to what God-centered Children's Ministry can become.
    Vacation Bible School Curriculum for 2008. Check out the latest themes, material, programs for VBS

    • Children Desiring God I have review several lessons and it seams like they are putting their vision into practice.
    • Great Commission Publishing writes from a reformed perspective. Show-me-Jesus curriculum. I have heard good testimonies from others.
    • Firm Foundations from New Tribes Mission. The description says, "This unique 50-lesson Bible study set systematically follows God's progressive pattern of revealing His character and His plan of redemption within the context of history. The lessons begin in Genesis and progress through the life of Christ, highlighting key themes." The set is designed for older elementary but appears to be adaptable for younger.
    • Herin is Love is a Bible Commentay beginninging in Genesis for children. It offers a teaching guide and looks to be a good resource. It is endorsed by Dr. Ted Tripp who wrote Shepherding a Child's Heart.
    • Introductions a Sunday School Syllabus for young children by Stephanie Carmichael. This series of 8 lessons (PDF), from Teaching Little Ones, can be used freely for non-commercial, ministry purposes. They are written for children aged between 6 and 8. It follows the Two Ways to Live for Kids Gospel Booklet.

    My Book Recommendations


    Steve Weaver said...

    Great collection of resources! Thanks for linking to and commenting on my post. Keep up the good work!

    Anonymous said...

    FYI, there is also a Firm Foundations series for children (early elementary). Go to and click on Kids or Home School to find it. The adult FF is geared toward middle school and up.