Friday, August 19, 2005

A Godly Parent's Resolutions

The guys at Reformation21 Blog are doing a great job. I want to reference a post titled Cotton Mather's "A Father's Resolutions" Thanks to Ligon Duncan. Here is an abstract.

"3. Let me daily pray for my children with constancy, with fervency, with agony. Yea, by name let me mention each one of them every day before the Lord. I will importunately beg for all suitable blessings to be bestowed upon them: that God would give them grace, and give them glory, and withhold no good thing from them;"


Shawn L said...

Awesome. May this be my resolutions as well.

Shawn L said...

Actually I may be writing up some resolutions like I did after reading Jonathon Edwards' resolutions

Tony K. said...

Reading these reminded me a little of Edward's resolutions. Mather expressed many of the impulses I have had as a father. The night David, my first, God really impressed on me the gravity of having children. I wrote something similar in my prayer journal, not as good as Mather though.